Sunday, 20 October 2013

Autumn Collection

Spring is the traditional time of year for yamadori collection here in the UK, but last year I experimented with Autumn collection, taking a single large Taxus. That Taxus survived its first year and continues to thrive. Below is that tree photographed today.

Last Autumn's Taxus
I decided to take a larger collection of trees this Autumn and spent yesterday with my two friends, John and Robert, digging yamadori in Cumbria. I came home with three new yews and one hawthorn. Most of the hawthorn had already lost all their leaves in contrast to the local trees around my Cheshire home which are still green. I am always amazed by the hardships that upland trees endure, including their short growth season - coming into leaf much later and losing their leaves much earlier than lowland trees.

My new Taxus

My hawthorn
John collected a huge hawthorn with a lot of potential and Rob took a nice hawthorn as well as one yew.
John's hawthorn
I am beginning to run short of room in my garden, so may post some yamadori for sale on this blog soon... We have lots more to collect in Spring!

Thursday, 3 October 2013


I have been following with great interest the International Bonsai Academy video collection from Sebastijan Sandev, featuring Walter Pall. Sebastijan has been posting these videos on the International Bonsai Club forum and the rest of the series can be found here Here is the latest video, posted today:

Walter is known for his eccentricity. I find his views on bonsai, and his style fascinating and could listen to him all day. Here is Walter at his most eccentric!

Burrs 2012

Next month will once again see the return of the annual 'Burrs Workshop' hosted by Tony Tickle. Unfortunately I will be unable to attend this year, but plan to take part again soon. Burrs is an educational and enjoyable experience that I would recommend to anybody with a passion for bonsai. Here are some of my photos from last year's event.