Wednesday, 21 August 2013

Will Baddeley at Cheshire Bonsai Society

Last weekend the talented Mr Will Baddeley came to Cheshire to give a carving workshop hosted by Simon Jones of the Cheshire Bonsai Society. Unfortunately, family commitments prevented me from attending the main event at Simon's home, where a number of members of the Cheshire Bonsai Society and also Tony Tickle, met with Will and Simon. The focus was on encouraging people to gain confidence with power tools, get involved and work on their own material, and over the course of the event on Sunday and Monday, a great deal of quality work was done.

On the Monday evening, I attended (and finally joined) the Cheshire Bonsai Society monthly meeting where Will gave a demonstration - carving one of Simon's Prunus yamadori. It was a thoroughly enjoyable and educational demonstration and the work that will performed (especially considering the poor lighting) was excellent.

Unfortunately due to the lighting, it was not possibly to take quality photos at the club, so for illustrative purposes I have borrowed a photo from Tony's facebook taken on the Sunday.

Cheshire Bonsai Society meet at  Little Budworth Village Hall on the third Monday of every month (except December) and are always keen to welcome new members & visitors.

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