Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Ostranica Bonsai Pots

For a number of years, naturalistic bonsai enthusiast, John Ostranica has been developing his skills as a bonsai ceramic artist, specialising in more unusual and rustic designs. Until recently, his creations have been used mainly with his own trees or gifted to fortunate friends such as myself.
Shohin pot by John Ostranica in my own collection
Accent pot by John Ostranica in my own collection
After a number of enquiries from perspective buyers, John was finally persuaded to sell a few of his pots and the first batch for sale were taken to the recent Burrs Bonsai Workshop where they received great compliments and sold like hot cakes. Those pots creating the greatest interest have been John's unique imitation rock pots. Below is the latest of these rock pots to come out of the kiln and is now being offered for sale.

Height 12cm, width 26cm, depth 22cm. Price £60
I am a big fan of John's pots and will certainly be encouraging him to keep producing them, so it is my plan to offer a number of them for sale on this blog as and when they become available. For sales and enquiries please contact John direct ostranicabonsaipots@gmail.com

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