Wednesday, 25 March 2015

XL Hawthorn Budding Up

A few photos of the big hawthorn from today. It is now popping buds all over.


  1. Lee this is an outstanding material, all the best for the wee competition.
    Something has been attracting my eye.. what's that grey thing near the rocks?
    I thought it was some kind of sponge in the competition submission, but now it looks like some rock or cement.

  2. Hi Xavier. Thanks for the comment. I guess you are talking about the large piece of limestone which is embedded in the roots. I have a plan for how this will be tackled in the future, including carving and a new planting angle. You can perhaps see what is going on better with the roots in the original post here:
    Regards, Lee.

  3. Fantastic material Lee, enjoy to see its development in the future.