Tuesday, 10 December 2013

Shohin Scots Pine (from nursery stock)

Last weekend I picked up a small Scots Pine from a local garden centre.  I generally try not to buy nursery material - preferring to put my money into petrol in the car for yamadori hunts, but I was tempted into parting with my hard earned £25 so as to have some 'ready-to-work' material for practicing the techniques that I learned from Pavel at Burrs.


Usually when styling a tree, I have a very clear image in mind, but on this occasion my focus was more on technique than design - emulating what I had learned from Pavel. It was not until I had finished the styling that I realised just how close an image I had created to the Mugo that Pavel and I styled at Burrs! (An inferior version, of course.)

The Mugo that Pavel & I styled at Burrs

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