Monday, 30 December 2013

Yamadori Crataegus & Prunus, December 2013

I'll let the photos do the talking...

Crataegus and Prunus bagged and ready to go.
My favourite of the haul was this large hawthorn. When selecting yamadori, I look for movement, taper, character and bark... This tree has the lot and is very old! It has very unusual nebari with a secondary trunk (apparently a separate tree) self grafted across the base - clutching a limestone rock. Is it a fault or does it add character? You decide!

My big hawthorn as found.

Pruned and ready for digging.



The Unique nebari, clinging to limestone.


  1. Hey the first time I see your blog ...stunning Hawthron you got in a really paradise yamadori aerea . Respekt for your trees .

    saludos avicenna ( )

  2. Is it still alive ? A stunning -breathtaking tree ...
    I do rock-pots by myself ...look at my blog ( )
    If you want do make a deal with such stunning hawthrons traded for rock-flats ...send me a message ;-)


  3. Thank you for the comments Avicenna. Yes, the tree is alive. Your rock pots look very good!

  4. Hallo Lee,
    I am really interested in a crataegus with such stunning movements, old bark and a fat trunk linke this one you showed in your post above. Are you interested in trading ? If you do what Kind of Material is interesting for you . For further details lets get in contact per mail: ( )